This is an overview of the process followed to create the logo and the iPhone app icon for the brand CallPlease LLC. All the sources and graphic elements used in this process such as sketches, reference images, and names were created and selected based on the company’s background and other important aspects provided by the client through a questionnaire. This brand identity was created to achieve a fresh and modern identity for the company.


This mind-map was created with the objective to extract useful information provided by the client, since we were working with a group of board directors; we collected the required information and extracted the main aspect from each board member to obtain a common point of view that helped us to drive the project on the right direction. 

One of the project’s requirements is to create a concept that can be used as an iPhone app icon; for this reason, was necessary to conduct research to analyze other brands using a clean, simple, and professional style, there are thousands of iPhone icons and is hard to guess what is the best concept, but here we can get an idea about some shapes and proportions.


The brand name is great, there is anything to guess about the company’s service, “CallPlease”, really simple and meaningful, what is why we considered creating a visual concept focused on the brand name, a symbol that meets the same characteristics, clear, simple and meaningful. We researched for logos that represent its name literally, some of the best logos are obvious, that’s what makes them resilient.



Red Cross





If we follow the same style applied in the previous logo references, the obvious idea would be to use a phone horn, but we will be facing a couple of problems; first of all, a phone horn icon is an element that’s been used millions of time, and it won’t help to achieve brand differentiation; secondly, we are not representing a brand called Phone, the brand name is CallPlease, which means that we have to design a concept to describe an action, not an object, Afte analyzing our mind map, we found some important keywords which helped us to create the concept: calls, human interaction, and hand. These three words helped us to come to a fundamental conclusion. There is a universal expression used for everyone to say “Call Please” even without words.


Here we have some sketches that helped us to achieve the concept. It was important to understand that we have to create a concept that will represent the brand, and at the same time, it will be used as the app icon; it must be simple and easy to use in small sizes. Making a complex concept or illustration would be the easiest way, but not a practical element.

We worked on these sketches to experiment with different alternatives to represent the “CallPlease” gesture expressed in the pictures above. Option #4 and #18 could help to define the idea the options #5 uses the hand icon combined with a  “C,” this was an interesting option, but it was discarded after some tests 


Here we have some vectorized ideas; we were not working on the brand colors yet; the purpose was to test some shapes combined with the brand’s name. We suggested write the brand name with a lower “c.” When using a capital “C,” the “a” vocal is surrounded by five tall letters, which will stop the fluency of the name (view #1 and #2).  We selected typography clear and simple; after some different combinations, these fonts are the best to represent the brand name Myriad Pro, Helvetica, and Century Gothic.

Color options

This is the final version presented to the client. The hand symbol fits perfectly inside the iPhone app area and works well with the brand’s name and tagline. Our recommendation was to maintain callPlease as a single word. Instead of adding a space between the two words, we can create a visual differentiation using two different tones of the same color.

The icon’s color should be the same as the word “call” to establish a direct connection between the icon and the brand name. The client requested to see the concept in two different color versions, blue and green.

This was the selected color version. It is more corporate and according with the target audience

This color combination was discarded, it gives the brand an organic aspect 

Logo construction grid

Final logo and appicon versions

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